I have created a new group on Linkedin : "Digital and Screen Literacy for Children"

The purpose of the « Digital and Screen Literacy for Children » network on Linkedin is to link together all people around the world wanting to share information in order to improve the Digital and Screen Literacy of children.

Digital and Screen Literacy is the ability to use new technologies (computer, mobile phone, the Internet, video games, virtual worlds…) to locate, organize, understand, evaluate or create information and videos.

Digital and Screen literate children will be able to communicate and work more efficiently on the Internet and in a world of screens.

I was drawn to digital and screen literacy from watching children: when they use a search engine to find information on the Web, the first results they look at are the links containing videos, then the ones with pictures; the ones which are text only are looked at last. And when they are as young as eight or nine years old, they make videos, which they upload on Youtube.

That’s just the beginning. Everywhere we look, we see screens. Digital-display manufacturers produce one new screen each year for every human on earth. With the advent of electronic ink, screens will be on any flat surface. The tools (cameras, softwares…) for screen fluency will be built directly into these ubiquitous screens.

Our children need to be prepared for a new culture: new distribution-and-display technologies are pushing books aside and catapulting images to the center of the culture.

Digital and screen literacy should be defined as teaching children to communicate visually but also to be skeptical about sources of information online. The goal is no less than defining education in the digital and screen age.

Children will have to be screen fluent. They will communicate not just with words, but also visually. They need to master the tools of creation (megapixel phone cameras, Photoshop, iMovie), which are quickly reducing the effort needed to create moving images. The ease of making video now approaches the ease of writing.

Children will have to view media critically, in order to defend themselves against the powers of advertising, manipulation, and political persuasion… In an increasingly visual world, anyone with a laptop, Web connection and camera can be a producer of media. As moving images become easier to create, easier to store, easier to annotate and easier to combine into complex narratives, they also become easier to be manipulated by the audience. Children need to understand how what they see and watch is created (and can be manipulated) as much as they need to understand plain old reading, writing and arithmetic.

Web site : http://www.digital-literacy.info

Group Profile on Linkedin: http://www.linkedin.com/groups?about=&gid=1849602&trk=anet_ug_grppro

Une réflexion sur « I have created a new group on Linkedin : "Digital and Screen Literacy for Children" »

  1. This is a fantastic idea, and long overdue. Many adults are focused on computer-based web safety, when the reality is that kids are also (and in some cases primarily) surfing the web from their phones and gaming consoles.

    I look forward to watching this project unfold and if there's anything I can do to contribute, please don't hesitate to let me know.

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