What is the "Kids Safety in the Digital Worlds" Network?

The purpose of this network is to link together all people around the world wanting to share information in order to improve the safety of our children in the Digital Worlds (the Internet -accessed either through a computer or a mobile phone-, video games, virtual worlds…).

Keeping kids safe in the Digital Worlds is a very ambitious task — bigger than any single government, company or family can achieve alone.

All children in the world are affected by these dangers.

That’s why all positive and productive input from around the world is welcome: medias, educators, national governments, law enforcement authorities worldwide, global or regional organizations, child safety organizations and technology companies.

The Digital Worlds can bring content of great value to the lives of our kids. For example, the Internet provides immense quantities of useful information.

But the Digital Worlds, as the reflects of human activities in the real world, can be the places of unwanted encounters. A child, who isn’t seeking objectionable content, can come across it inadvertently or someone may deliberately force such content on him.

Keeping kids safe involves at least four levels of action:

• education for families to increase their awareness about online child safety and to teach best practices for safe surfing.

• education for children to help them get the media literacy skills they need to use the Digital Worlds responsibly.

• support for law enforcement.

• empowering technology tools that allow parents to limit what digital content their children can discover. Internet, video game and mobile phone companies need to continue to empower parents and kids with tools and resources that help put them in control of their digital experiences and make web surfing, instant messaging, video gaming and mobile phoning safer.

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